Our eco-responsible approach

We believe that the preservation of the environment relies on the civic-mindedness and volunteerism of citizens and businesses and we want to do our part. 

We are privileged to live in a region of unspoilt nature, where flora and fauna are abundant.  Adopting an eco-responsible approach is essential to preserve the value of our region.

Local employment, responsible management of green spaces, energy-saving equipment, reduction of water consumption, waste sorting, choice of renewable energy, purchase of ecological products… are all proof of our commitment.

And to attest to our efforts and actions, our residence has received the Green Key environmental certification, based on rigorous criteria of respect for the environment.

Our environmental approach is expressed in concrete actions to preserve natural resources and act as a responsible social actor :

Information and awareness

Raising awareness and training our staff in waste management and environmentally responsible actions.
Raising our customers’ awareness of selective sorting by our staff and through various communication media in the establishment.

Energy and water

Local suppliers are preferred in order to limit their carbon footprint.
Choice of a renewable energy supplier for electricity.
Choice to work with a local ADAPEI Ecoresponsible laundry. 
Installation of water saving devices on all taps and showers.
Regular control and monitoring of our water and electricity consumption.
LED lighting, we have already equipped over 90% of our lighting.
Motion detection lighting in the corridors and stairways.
Doors and windows are double-glazed.
Replacement of household appliances with low consumption equipment (A and A+).
Use of a pool heating pump in summer and an insulating cover.
Preventive maintenance by our maintenance department: well closed taps, leaking toilets… We favour repair or recycling over systematic replacement.
Heating is switched off in unoccupied areas of the building.
Reasonable use of water for cleaning.
Installation of rainwater harvesters.

Recycling and producing less waste

Selective sorting in all our flats. 
Collection and treatment of used bulbs/tubes/batteries at the reception.
Separate containers (cardboard, glass, household waste) at the entrance to the residence.
Communication on selective sorting to our customers in the residence and the flats.
Limitation of disposable and individual packaging for the supply of the residence.
Preference is given to products in large packages.
Recycling of green waste from the garden.
Our green spaces are maintained without pesticides.
Recycling of defective equipment.

Green Procurement

Selection of regional or organic products for our products on sale at the reception and for our breakfast buffet.
Eco-labelled products are preferred for all our supplies.

Socially responsible actor

We support associations working in the field of environmental protection and aid to the most disadvantaged, both at national and regional level.
We regularly donate our unused furniture, equipment and materials to local associations.
We have chosen to work with an ADAPEI company to support the social integration of people with disabilities